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Housing Information

Check out our department housing spreadsheet!  

If you're interested in finding a roommate or a place to live, or have tips on places to live, please fill out the housing form here! 

You can find the spreadsheet of people looking for roommates and potential housing on the Housing Spreadsheet Page. Please email us at to get the password to the page! 

How do I find a place? How do I find roommates?  

Craigslist and facebook are both great ways to find people looking for roommates. Because Baton Rouge is a college town, people are always looking to fill homes and rooms with students, and grad students are usually a landlord's first choice! A large number of grad students go this route. Check out our local sites:


Where should I live? 

On Campus Apartments: 

Off Campus Apartment Complexes: 

Be aware that many of the apartment complexes around LSU cater first and foremost to undergraduates, meaning that it may not be the type of environment you prefer for grad school. However, if you shop around, you should be able to find a complex that meets your needs! Here are some complexes where grad students in the department are currently living: 

Which neighborhoods should I consider?

Neighborhoods close to campus that are good include: 

  • Brightside Drive/Tigerland Area

  • Southdowns

  • Midcity 

  • Garden District

  • Beauregard Town

  • Spanishtown 

  • Anywhere around the University Lakes

These are what locals call the neighborhoods, but they may be named differently on google maps, so be aware! If you have questions about a specific location when finding a house, feel free to ask any current grad students or email us!

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